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Where design is inspired by the beauty of life, nature, and function. Here at Lenova we transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Quality Materials

Lenova is known for its impressive handcrafted sinks from an array of fine quality materials from globally sourced stone to sustainable harvested bamboo. We are proud to continue this tradition in our 2018 catalog with an extensive collection of exquisite sinks. You will also be impressed with a complete line of faucets and accessories that will complement your style.




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What We're About

Award Winning

Our award-winning Ledge Sink is a ground-breaking design that won Best of the Year from Interior Design Magazine and 2017 Kitchen Fixtures Best of the Year Honoree for the PermaClean Ledge Apron Front Sink. With its impressive stainless steel construction and functional accessories, your Lenova Ledge Sink will last a lifetime, even in the busiest kitchens. Our line continues to include a full selection of solid stainless-steel faucets too. Our faucets include a wide variety of models designed to fit any kitchen with styles ranging from seek and modern to elegantly traditional.

Luxury Design

Founded in 2007, Lenova’s idea is that luxury design should be stunning and affordable. The visionary behind this concept is Chris Lee, an entrepreneurial spirit with an extensive background in sink manufacturing. Lenova, a celestial-inspired name for our company reflects Chris’s dream of establishing a new star in the decorative plumbing industry, one that blazes to new heights of design, quality, and customer service.

True To Vision

As Lenova continues to grow, we have remained true to our vision. We work to help protect the environment with respectable business practices that allows us to be sustainable. We inspire our employees and believe in the quality of our products. Most of all we appreciate our business partners and clients. Our customer service is committed to ensuring each customer has an impeccable experience.

Staying true to our designs inspired by the beauty of life, nature, and function; you can, choose your design crafted sink with elements we offer such as stainless steel, composite, porcelain or glass. Maybe, you are looking for organically-inspired, such as fire clay, stone, copper, bronze or bamboo. The possibilities are endless.